About You

I typically prefer to meet with older gentlemen.  I will sometimes make an exception on a case by case basis.  This is not a dealbreaker.  Respect, kindness, sending your screening information in complete along with the deposit go a long way in telling me what kind of gentleman you are going to be.

Why older gentlemen?  I’m 39, we have more in common, generally, older gentlemen are more mature & they treat me like a queen.

I absolutely adore older, intellectual, well to do, gentleman practised in the art of conversation, who like to wine, dine & spoil me rotten whom I can spoil in return! What do I really like? Gentlemen who have already made up their mind that they are going to have a good time with me, who are in it for some laughs, libation, conversation and just a really fun time! I am as fun as you are darling…:)

When contacting me to set up a date:

Do be a gentleman and tell me a bit about yourself.

We are all human beings here & I like to feel like I’m having a real date with the gentlemen I meet with, regardless of the fact that we are having a mutually beneficial relationship! ?

Don’t attempt to negotiate my consideration.

There are ladies with lower and higher considerations than mine. I can assure you mine are fair. I have a fair amount of overhead to advertise, keep my photos and website up to date, travel and hotel costs as well as physical  my upkeep and the fact that I am a well educated, well traveled, lady of class whom you can take out in public.  I book dinner dates, overnights and vacations with really great gentlemen who would never think to do such a thing.

Do feel free to be a fun, awesome, great guy for me to be around…I’ll love you for it!

I reserve the right to not meet with anyone if I feel like it isn’t a good match for either one of us for whatever reason.

Screening & Verification

I am very selective and careful about who I choose to meet with. I need basic information asked for and ONE VERIFIABLE REFERENCE from the several choices given. Please be prepared to provide me with the names, emails and websites of other models whom you have met with. Otherwise, without an available reference, I’ll need to verify you via your employment details whether that is your company website with your name/photo or calling you with a cover story or you LinkedIn provided you are active, have contacts and past work history there.  You may also send your drivers license in addition to one of these references with all information redacted except your name, photo, DOB & expiry date.  You may send this information via my Booking Form on the Verification page of my website or by email. Your cooperation and understanding is much appreciated.

Availability in general

I am as available as I book dates. Booking in advance is absolutely crucial. I am rarely available on short notice.

Fly Me To You Date

If you wish to fly me to meet with you anywhere in the US my minimum booking is $2000 for a 4hr dinner date and $5k for a 10hr overnight plus travel expenses.  I require a deposit of 25% to secure the engagement plus hotel and travel costs.


I prefer our initial contact to be through online reservation form. I know it’s not the most personable mode of communication however, it is most effective and secure. Even though I prefer email, you will need to provide your cell phone number in order to successfully submit the form. My cell will be made available once we have confirmed our meeting via email for you to text upon arrival of our date.


I require a 25% deposit at the time of screening for all dates booked to secure your time.

I prefer my consideration not be a topic of conversation when we meet. I kindly ask that you prepare an envelope with my name on it with the appropriate amount and have placed it on the desk at the beginning of our encounter.

I do not negotiate my consideration. I assure you it is quite fair.

All vulgar messages or messages with acronyms in them asking for or describing any sexual acts as well as trying to negotiate my consideration will result in you being placed on my block list.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please note: I respect your time & expect you to respect mine.
  • Dates canceled less than 24hrs of our meeting there will incur 100% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 48hrs of our scheduled meeting, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Any deposits made are non refundable if you cancel the appointment, regardless of notice.
  • Deposits can however be applied towards a future date if there is good reason for the cancellation and you have canceled before I have paid for hotels and/or travel.
  • If I have to cancel the date for any reason your deposit will be returned to you immediately.